Mr Luke Hespanhol

BCompSc, USP, Brazil; MCDArtDes, COFA, UNSW; MIDEA, University of Sydney
PhD Candidate and Guest Lecturer, Design Lab, University of Sydney

Mr Luke Hespanhol is a collaborator with the City Concepts study. The study benefits from the expertise Luke acquired from his postgraduate research as well as from the large-scale, crowd-driven interactive urban interventions he has developed in recent years. Through the City Concepts study, Luke is investigating new strategies for enticing civic participation by blending digital technology with the built environment.

As a PhD candidate and guest lecturer at the Design Lab (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning) at the University of Sydney, Luke has designed and implemented various artistic concepts for participatory urban interventions as part of his masters and doctoral research. He had a key role in implementing large-scale installations in crowded public spaces for high-profile urban festivals such as Vivid Sydney. Luke has also lectured in Urban Prototyping studio and laboratory for masters-level students at the Design Lab, University of Sydney.

Previously, during his time as a former student of City Concepts Chief Investigator Ian McArthur, Luke was part of the Australia-China collaborative studio Porosity Collabor8. Porosity Collabor8 was aimed at conceiving creative urban interventions to mediate the relationship between citizens of Shanghai and their surrounding urban environments.

Luke’s research involves creating situated and artistic architectural expressions powered by digital media with the goal of facilitating social interactions. It combines principles of creative placemaking, user-centred design and agile methodology into the urban planning field, promoting rapid prototyping placemaking iterations through directly consulting stakeholders and the public.

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