Assoc. Prof. Andrew Murphie

PhD (Media and Communications)
Associate Professor in Media and Communications, UNSW

Associate Professor Andrew Murphie is a collaborator on the Henry Halloran Trust-funded City Concepts study. Through the study, he hopes to discover how to develop more democratic forms of participatory interaction design using various kinds of screens. He contributes to the study through research, writing and concept development.

Andrew became involved in the City Concepts project through his work with Ian McArthur and Brad Miller in the Art and Design faculty at UNSW, and via a longstanding interest in interaction design, which includes several periods working with Danish interaction design researchers.

Many years before his position as Associate Professor in media and communications at UNSW, Andrew worked in theatre and experimental theatre. He was a guest professor of interaction design at Kolding Design School in Denmark in 2009, and has worked with Senselab in Montréal since 2006 on innovative forms of research-creation, often involving community engagement.

Andrew’s research examines the productive nature of differential intensity. He increasingly works on transformation, crisis and possibility, as these concepts are filtered through generative process in media, design, arts and philosophy, dynamic modeling of all types, and new forms of cooperation in politics/social organization.

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