The InstaBooth is a telephone booth-inspired portable structure that captures citizens’ past stories and present opinions, particularly opinions regarding the use and design of public spaces. The aim of the InstaBooth project is to employ design approaches to engage local communities in a situated debate on the future of their urban environment. The Instabooth uses tangible and hybrid interaction such as multi-touch screens and media façades to facilitate face-to-face and digitally mediated discussions.

The design of the InstaBooth combines multiple interaction techniques, including a number of QUT-developed display and interaction technologies, into a hybrid (digital and analogue) media space. Outside the InstaBooth, urban design proposals are projected onto adjacent building façades and pavements. Inside the InstaBooth, visitors can activate a multi-touch screen in order to browse media, write a note, or draw a picture to provide feedback. The specific design of the internal and external interfaces, the mutual relationship between these interfaces with regards to information display and interaction, and the question of how visitors can engage with the system, are all part of the research agenda of this project.

Facilitated by Dr David Gillette, QUT Visiting Professor from the California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), the InstaBoothCA will be designed and fabricated in California in parallel to the InstaBoothQUT. The objective of this collaboration between QUT and CalPoly is to develop two InstaBooths that are specific to their local place while sharing, comparing and analysing the research, learning, and teaching experiences created through this joint project.

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InstaBooth QUT Team

Glenda Caldwell
Dr Markus Rittenbruch
Prof. Marcus Foth
Dr Mirko Guaralda
Michael Molloy
Dr Jared Donovan
Dr Severine Mayere
Dr Sukanlaya Sawang
Simon Belton