The urban screen at Federation Square in Melbourne is possibly one of the best-known examples for using an urban screen as a tool for establishing the character of a precinct and engaging citizens. However, other attempts to use urban screens in public spaces have been less successful.

The City Concepts project seeks to uncover the factors behind successfully incorporating urban screens, and develop an approach for identifying how to ‘program’ urban screens so they respond to their specific physical and socio-cultural environment. This includes methods for facilitating citizen-generated content, participatory voting processes, and public large-scale data visualisation of crowd-sourced content.

The study explores how urban screens can help create more liveable, creative and engaging ‘smart’ cities. The project hopes to build a framework that fosters thriving urban communities and sustainable developments by enabling and encouraging participatory citizen engagement with urban screens. The City Concepts approach is interdisciplinary and holistic, and incorporates industry professionals and advice at every step.

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